26 January 2015

Hardware-Software Co-Design

Co-Design Issues: Co- Design Models, Architectures, Languages, A Generic Co-design Methodology.
Co-Synthesis Algorithms: Hardware software synthesis algorithms: hardware – software partitioning distributed system cosynthesis.

Prototyping and Emulation: Prototyping and emulation techniques, prototyping and emulation environments, future developments in emulation and prototyping architecture specialization techniques, system communication infrastructure
Target Architectures: Architecture Specialization techniques, System Communication infrastructure, Target Architecture and Application System classes, Architecture for control dominated systems (8051-Architectures for High performance control), Architecture for Data dominated systems (ADSP21060, TMS320C60), Mixed Systems.

Compilation Techniques and Tools for Embedded Processor Architectures: Modern embedded architectures, embedded software development needs, compilation technologies, practical consideration in a compiler development environment.

Design Specification and Verification: Design, co-design, the co-design computational model, concurrency coordinating concurrent computations, interfacing components, design verification, implementation verification, verification tools, interface verification

Languages for System – Level Specification and Design-I: System – level specification, design representation for system level synthesis, system level specification languages
Languages for System – Level Specification and Design-II: Heterogeneous specifications and multi language co-simulation, the cosyma system and lycos system.

1. Hardware/Software Co-Design Principles and Practice – Jorgen Staunstrup, Wayne Wolf – 2009, Springer.
2. Hardware/Software Co-Design - Giovanni De Micheli, Mariagiovanna Sami, 2002, Kluwer Academic Publishers

1. A Practical Introduction to Hardware/Software Co-design -Patrick R. Schaumont - 2010 – Springer



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