26 January 2015

CMOS Digital Integrated System Design

MOS Design: Pseudo NMOS Logic – Inverter, Inverter threshold voltage, Output high voltage, Output Low voltage, Gain at gate threshold voltage, Transient response, Rise time, Fall time, Pseudo NMOS logic gates, Transistor equivalency, CMOS Inverter logic.

Combinational MOS Logic Circuits: MOS logic circuits with NMOS loads, Primitive CMOS logic gates – NOR & NAND gate, Complex Logic circuits design – Realizing Boolean expressions using NMOS gates and CMOS gates , AOI and OIA gates, CMOS full adder, CMOS transmission gates, Designing with Transmission gates.

Sequential MOS Logic Circuits: Behavior of bistable elements, SR Latch, Clocked latch and flip flop circuits, CMOS D latch and edge triggered flipflop.

Dynamic Logic Circuits: Basic principle, Voltage Bootstrapping, Synchronous dynamic pass transistor circuits, Dynamic CMOS transmission gate logic, High performance Dynamic CMOS circuits.

Semiconductor Memories: Types, RAM array organization, DRAM – Types, Operation, Leakage currents in DRAM cell and refresh operation, SRAM operation Leakage currents in SRAM cells, Flash Memory- NOR flash and NAND flash.

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