26 January 2015

CPLD and FPGA Architectures and Applications

Introduction to Programmable Logic Devices: Introduction, Simple Programmable Logic Devices – Read Only Memories, Programmable Logic Arrays, Programmable Array Logic, Programmable Logic Devices/Generic Array Logic; Complex Programmable Logic Devices – Architecture of Xilinx Cool Runner XCR3064XL CPLD, CPLD Implementation of a Parallel Adder with Accumulation.

Field Programmable Gate Arrays: Organization of FPGAs, FPGA Programming Technologies, Programmable Logic Block Architectures, Programmable Interconnects, Programmable I/O blocks in FPGAs, Dedicated Specialized Components of FPGAs, Applications of FPGAs.

SRAM Programmable FPGAs: Introduction, Programming Technology, Device Architecture, The Xilinx XC2000, XC3000 and XC4000 Architectures.

Anti-Fuse Programmed FPGAs: Introduction, Programming Technology, Device Architecture, The Actel ACT1, ACT2 and ACT3 Architectures.

Design Applications: General Design Issues, Counter Examples, A Fast Video Controller, A Position Tracker for a Robot Manipulator, A Fast DMA Controller, Designing Counters with ACT devices, Designing Adders and Accumulators with the ACT Architecture.

1. Field Programmable Gate Array Technology - Stephen M. Trimberger, Springer International Edition.
2. Digital Systems Design - Charles H. Roth Jr, Lizy Kurian John, Cengage Learning.

1. Field Programmable Gate Arrays - John V. Oldfield, Richard C. Dorf, Wiley India.
2. Digital Design Using Field Programmable Gate Arrays - Pak K. Chan/Samiha Mourad, Pearson Low Price Edition.
3. Digital Systems Design with FPGAs and CPLDs - Ian Grout, Elsevier, Newnes.
4. FPGA based System Design - Wayne Wolf, Prentice Hall Modern Semiconductor Design Series.



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