30 December 2014

Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms

• The fundamental design, analysis, and implementation of basic data structures.
• Basic concepts in the specification and analysis of programs.
• Principles for good program design, especially the uses of data abstraction.
• Significance of algorithms in the computer field
• Various aspects of algorithm development
• Qualities of a good solution

Algorithms, Performance analysis- time complexity and space complexity, Asymptotic Notation-Big Oh, Omega and Theta notations, Complexity Analysis Examples.
Data structures-Linear and non linear data structures, ADT concept, Linear List ADT, Array representation, Linked representation, Vector representation, singly linked lists -insertion, deletion, search operations, doubly linked lists-insertion, deletion operations, circular lists. Representation of single, two dimensional arrays, Sparse matrices and their representation.

Stack and Queue ADTs, array and linked list representations, infix to postfix conversion using stack, implementation of recursion, Circular queue-insertion and deletion, Dequeue ADT, array and linked list representations, Priority queue ADT, implementation using Heaps, Insertion into a Max Heap, Deletion from a Max Heap, java.util package-ArrayList, Linked List, Vector classes, Stacks and Queues in java.util, Iterators in java.util.

Searching–Linear and binary search methods, Hashing-Hash functions, Collision Resolution methods-Open Addressing, Chaining, Hashing in java.util-HashMap, HashSet, Hashtable.Sorting –Bubble sort, Insertion sort, Quick sort, Merge sort, Heap sort, Radix sort, comparison of sorting methods.

Trees- Ordinary and Binary trees terminology, Properties of Binary trees, Binary tree ADT, representations, recursive and non recursive traversals, Java code for traversals, Threaded binary trees. Graphs- Graphs terminology, Graph ADT, representations, graph traversals/search methods-dfs and bfs, Java code for graph traversals, Applications of Graphs-Minimum cost spanning tree using Kruskal’s algorithm, Dijkstra’s algorithm for Single Source Shortest Path Problem.

Search trees- Binary search tree-Binary search tree ADT, insertion, deletion and searching operations, Balanced search trees, AVL trees-Definition and examples only, Red Black trees–Definition and examples only, B-Trees-definition, insertion and searching operations, Trees in java.util- TreeSet, Tree Map Classes, Tries(examples only),Comparison of Search trees. Text compression-Huffman coding and decoding, Pattern matching-KMP algorithm.

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