30 December 2014

Software Process and Project Management

• Describe and determine the purpose and importance of project management from the perspectives of planning, tracking and completion of project.
• Compare and differentiate organization structures and project structures.
• Implement a project to manage project schedule, expenses and resources with the application of suitable project management tools.

Software Process Maturity: Software maturity Framework, Principles of Software Process Change, Software Process Assessment, The Initial Process, The Repeatable Process, The Defined Process, The Managed Process, The Optimizing Process. 
Process Reference Models: Capability Maturity Model (CMM), CMMI, PCMM, PSP, TSP.

Software Project Management Renaissance: Conventional Software Management, Evolution of Software Economics, Improving Software Economics, The old way and the new way. 
Life-Cycle Phases and Process artifacts: Engineering and Production stages, inception phase, elaboration phase, construction phase, transition phase, artifact sets, management artifacts, engineering artifacts and pragmatic artifacts, model based software architectures.

Workflows and Checkpoints of process: Software process workflows, Iteration workflows, Major milestones, Minor milestones, Periodic status assessments.
Process Planning: Work breakdown structures, Planning guidelines, cost and schedule estimating process, iteration planning process, Pragmatic planning.

Project Organizations: Line-of- business organizations, project organizations, evolution of organizations, process automation.
Project Control and process instrumentation: The seven core metrics, management indicators, quality indicators, life-cycle expectations, Pragmatic software metrics, and metrics automation.

CCPDS-R Case Study and Future Software Project Management Practices: Modern Project Profiles, Next-Generation software Economics, Modern Process Transitions.

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