26 January 2015

CMOS Analog Integrated Circuit Design

MOS Devices and Modeling: The MOS Transistor, Passive Components- Capacitor & Resistor, Integrated circuit Layout, CMOS Device Modeling - Simple MOS Large-Signal Model, Other Model Parameters, Small-Signal Model for the MOS Transistor, Computer Simulation Models, Sub-threshold MOS Model.

Analog CMOS Sub-Circuits: MOS Switch, MOS Diode, MOS Active Resistor, Current Sinks and Sources, Current Mirrors-Current mirror with Beta Helper, Degeneration, Cascode current Mirror and Wilson Current Mirror, Current and Voltage References, Band gap Reference.

CMOS Amplifiers: Inverters, Differential Amplifiers, Cascode Amplifiers, Current Amplifiers, Output Amplifiers, High Gain Amplifiers Architectures.

CMOS Operational Amplifiers: Design of CMOS Op Amps, Compensation of Op Amps, Design of Two-Stage Op Amps, PowerSupply Rejection Ratio of Two-Stage Op Amps, Cascode Op Amps, Measurement Techniques of OP Amp.

Comparators: Characterization of Comparator, Two-Stage, Open-Loop Comparators, Other Open-Loop Comparators, Improving the Performance of Open-Loop Comparators, Discrete-Time Comparators.

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2. Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits- Behzad Razavi, TMH Edition.
3. CMOS: Circuit Design, Layout and Simulation- Baker, Li and Boyce, PHI.



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