23 June 2015

Advanced Data Mining

> To develop the abilities of critical analysis to data mining systems and applications.
> To implement practical and theoretical understanding of the technologies for data mining
> To understand the strengths and limitations of various data mining models

Data mining Overview and Advanced Pattern Mining
Data mining tasks – mining frequent patterns, associations and correlations, classification and regression for predictive analysis, cluster analysis, outlier analysis; advanced pattern mining in multilevel, multidimensional space – mining multilevel associations, mining multidimensional associations, mining quantitative association rules, mining rare patterns and negative patterns.

Advanced Classification
Classification by back propagation, support vector machines, classification using frequent patterns, other classification methods – genetic algorithms, roughest approach, fuzz>set approach;

Advance Clustering
Density - based methods –DBSCAN, OPTICS, DENCLUE; Grid-Based methods – STING, CLIQUE; Exception – maximization algorithm; clustering High- Dimensional Data; Clustering Graph and Network Data.

Web and Text Mining
Introduction, web mining, web content mining, web structure mining, we usage mining, Text mining – unstructured text, episode rule discovery for texts, hierarchy of categories, text clustering.

Temporal and Spatial Data Mining
Introduction; Temporal Data Mining – Temporal Association Rules, Sequence Mining, GSP algorithm, SPADE, SPIRIT Episode Discovery, Time Series Analysis, Spatial Mining – Spatial Mining Tasks, Spatial Clustering. Data Mining Applications.

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